Hi, I'm Ashley

I love the simplicity of the product, simple but so multi-functional. From summer to winter, medical to beauty.


My Name is Ashley Buckle. I moved to Switzerland at the start of the pandemic from London in 2020 with my husband and our two sons. I was lucky enough (not that it always felt like that) to be able to stay at home with the kids all this time. Never meant to be this long but there you go. With my 50th approaching and a thousand unexplored entrepreneurial ideas under my belt, I decided it has to be now or never. Then I came up with the Back Lotion  Applicator.

A good friend said they suffered from a dry back and couldn't believe there was nothing out there to help them moisturise it themselves. My Mum just loves looking good and she asks my Dad to put her moisturiser on her back every morning. Most importantly at the time, my father in law (who is like a second Dad to me) was on medication that caused a side effect that resulted in all over body itch. With all of his children living away from home and his wife having passed away it was impossible for him to apply his anti-itch cream to his back himself. He said the itch was more debilitating than his illness. The best gift I ever gave him was my Back Lotion Applicator. It truly changed his life and gave him enormous respite and relief to able to apply his medication to his back and all over his body day and night himself. This got me thinking and My-Skn was born out of pure necessity.

It was hard at times to keep going but I have since discovered that is part of the beauty of having your own business. Solving problems, getting over them, around them, curving balling them or at times simply ignoring them is what makes having your own business so enjoyable. Everyone is different but I don’t think I would have had the patience to come this far when I was younger.

I really hope you like this product as much as I do. Please watch this space as I have a couple more products that I would like to add to the My Skn range. I’ll say nothing yet!!

Watch me tell you more!