Back Lotion Applicator

Sell Out on QVC Back Lotion Applicator

How thrilled are we to have SOLD OUT on our very first QVC launch!! Don't worry we still have stock available on £19.95 + free postage!!! We hope to be back on QVC again before you know it!!!
April 02, 2017


Moisturise and Protect your Back

Make sure you got your back this summer with this fantastic Back Lotion Applicator by My Skn. For only £19.95 you can apply all your back creams, foams, lotions and sprays to your back yourself. No fuss, no mess - just quick and easy. Non absorbent, machine washable and no replacement pads.


April 02, 2017


Enjoy this summer weather with your Back Lotion Applicator

Whether you are going on holidays or just pottering about - don't be stuck without your Back Lotion Applicator this summer.

Non absorbent, machine washable, quick and easy to use with no replacement pads.

YOU got YOUR back.

Purchase at for only £19.95 including post and packaging.

February 21, 2017



Have you ever found yourself sunburnt on the back, you knew it was too hot but you just had to potter around the garden in the fine weather.  You put on your summer clothes and thats it - great day, scalded evening! You are not alone.

Now with My Skn B.L.A you can apply suncream and aftersun yourself. It doesn't matter if you're caught out at home alone or or stuck by the pool waiting for that someone else to finish that "holiday must have beer" before applying it. You got your own back with My Skn B.L.A. 

"I reckon in no time every household will have one of these"

February 21, 2017


Back lotion applicator - must have.

My Skn is delighted with QVC's interest in the fantastic product. Be one of the voyeurs who gets in there first, for one of these non absorbent, machine washable, this years must have product 2017.

A back lotion applicator like no other, fast, easy to use, no parts to be replaced. Hang it in your shower or pop it in your bag for the gym. beach, picnic, holiday or back garden. 

October 22, 2016


Back Lotion Applicator by My Skn

My Skn's Back Lotion Applicator is a fabulous grooming accessory for him and for her. Winter and Christmas are coming and we need to give our body the attention it deserves. Skin is our largest organ and its important that we can reach our backs during the winter months to keep them exfoliated and moisturised. and of course away to add a bit of tan and sparkle to our backs for those Christmas parties! Enjoy using your back lotion applicator for multiple uses' all year round. Special offer now until 26th December 2016. Just enter code frixmas at check out for 25% off plus free post and packaging.

Best purchase I made this year!

Delighted with my purchase, so easy to use. Has multiple uses - I would highly recommend this Back Lotion Applicator.

- John, Surrey