Best thing ever!

This is the best thing I ever bought! I never have to struggle reaching those tricky spots again!
~Mrs. Nelson, Surrey
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Simply love it and need it. thanks

Elaine Buckley

Why this product is not available more widely – namely on the NHS simply makes me cross. So many people my age need this product on a daily basis

Tom Donoghue

Long Awaited Solution
5 out of 5
Auntie 11-05-2018
from Preston, Lancs
Location:Preston, Lancs
Finally a product to moisturise my back and it really works. Others soak up the cream but this does exactly what it says and works a treat.
Fabulous idea…

Oh Yes
5 out of 5
Solice 30-04-2018
from Norfolk
I’ve been waiting for this all my tanning life, what a brilliant idea. So easy to use and clean after use, much better than the fabric type that you have to wash and then find somewhere to hang to dry, just give it a wipe then put away ready for next use. No more asking for help tanning the back. Product is well made and very easy to use with a good choice of colours. Handy straps and perfect length. I’m really pleased with this thank you so much :)

Long Awted Solution

At last, a simple product for lotion application! As a single traveller I’ve always struggled to get suntan lotion and after sun on my back. It’s not always possible to find a helper but now I don’t have to! For years I’ve struggled with sponges on sticks which disintegrate after a week or two, are impossible to get clean and waste product. Now all that is resolved. Well done!


Very clever and very handy! And it looks lovely hanging in my bathroom as a bonus!


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