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My-Skn Back Lotion Applicator

The My-Skn Back Lotion Applicator makes awkward, unreachable spots a thing of the past, for smooth, easy all-over application with every use!

Made in the UK from a soft-luxury feel, non-absorbent material, My-Skn Back Lotion Applicator is perfect for applying fake tan, medication cream, suntan lotion, exfoliators, moisturiser and more*, anytime and anywhere you need!

Why You will love My-Skn Back Lotion Applicator?

  • Multi-usage: Brilliant for use with tanners, exfoliators, moisturisers, sunscreens and aftersun
  • Ergonomic Flexible design: Never miss a spot, and enjoy beautifully smooth skin with every use
  • Even application and non-absorbing material:  you only use the lotion you need with NO residue left
  • Travel-friendlyPortable, perfect to take on the go (travel, beach, gym, etc.) and hang after use
  • 3 colours: turquoise, Ocean Blue and Champagne.
  Ocean Blue
* My Skn does not take any responsibility for creams used by the client. Choice of creams are solely at the discretion and responsibly of the client choosing and using them. Any discrepancies or reactions to creams used are solely between the client and the persons who the client purchased them from. My Skn takes no responsibility for any reactions whatsoever to the creams used.

Directions for Use:

  • Simply apply the cream of choice directly onto the My-Skn Back Lotion Applicator
  • Flip over your shoulder and, using both handles, rub applicator across your back, like you would with a towel.
  • Repeat as necessary.


    • 1 x Back Applicator
    *  Works equally well on feet, bums--anywhere on the body, especially for those with limited motion. 

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